Dermot Mckibbin has set up this site.It  is intended to promote discussion and raise awareness amongst progressive opinion about the need for reform of the medieval leasehold system in England and Wales. The leasehold tenure has been abolished in nearly all the English-speaking world including Scotland. The site will occasionally cover other housing issues.

Dermot believes that the solution to the injustices of the leasehold system is to adopt the Commonhold Tenure. This would allow people to manage blocks of flats in accordance with their wishes. The leasehold system needs to be abolished and not just polished up at the edges.


The Campaign to improve all types of building safety

The Grenfell Fire Tragedy and the Campaign to improve Fire Safety   It is now clear that this country is facing a major problem of fire safety standards in residential properties which the Government is failing to tackle effectively. Stage 2 of the Grenfell Inquiry heard recently that the company that made the insulation [...]

Winning elections, leasehold reform, and the Co-op Party

Winning elections, leasehold reform, and the Co-op Party   The Co-op party should fully support leasehold reform to expand the number of housing properties that are collectively owned in this country and to reap political support from over 4.5 million leaseholders in England, if Labour is ever to win another general election.   [...]

Complaints to the Housing Ombudsman from leaseholders

Complaints to the Housing Ombudsman from leaseholders and shared owners     The Housing Ombudsman has published a report from their handling of almost 2,000 complaints from leaseholders and shared owners over the last two years.( ) [...]

Ask the London Mayor to reform shared ownership in the capital

Questions to Sadiq Khan for the Mayor’s question time at the London Assembly on 18 June 2019     Members of the public can ask formal questions at the meetings of their local council. The same system applies for meetings of the Greater London Assembly where the London Mayor answers such questions. The next meeting […]

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