Leasehold reform and Fire safety rally on 15 July

    The National Leasehold Campaign and the United Kingdom Cladding Action Group have called a rally on Thursday 15 July outside Parliament at 12.15pm. The purpose of the rally is to push the Government further down the road to abolishing the leasehold system and to highlight the failure of the Government to deal [...]

Winning elections, leasehold reform, and the Co-op Party

Winning elections, leasehold reform, and the Co-op Party   The Co-op party should fully support leasehold reform to expand the number of housing properties that are collectively owned in this country and to reap political support from over 4.5 million leaseholders in England, if Labour is ever to win another general election.   [...]

Official crackdown on “Fleecehold”

The Competition and Market Authority (CMA) is about to take legal action against housing developers on behalf of leaseholders who were mis-sold their properties by leading housing developers. Such a move is unprecedented and if fully supported by all progressive opinion in England and Wales would be an important step in abolishing [...]

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