Leasehold reform and Fire safety rally on 15 July

    The National Leasehold Campaign and the United Kingdom Cladding Action Group have called a rally on Thursday 15 July outside Parliament at 12.15pm. The purpose of the rally is to push the Government further down the road to abolishing the leasehold system and to highlight the failure of the Government to deal [...]

The Campaign to improve all types of building safety

The Grenfell Fire Tragedy and the Campaign to improve Fire Safety   It is now clear that this country is facing a major problem of fire safety standards in residential properties which the Government is failing to tackle effectively. Stage 2 of the Grenfell Inquiry heard recently that the company that made the insulation [...]

Complaints to the Housing Ombudsman from leaseholders

Complaints to the Housing Ombudsman from leaseholders and shared owners     The Housing Ombudsman has published a report from their handling of almost 2,000 complaints from leaseholders and shared owners over the last two years.( ) [...]

Leaseholders, Fire Safety and the Government

Leaseholders, Fire safety problems and the Conservatives     On 14 June 2017, a preventable fire broke out at the Grenfell Tower block. 72 people tragically lost their lives. The aftermath has exposed the appalling scandal of the country’s fire safety system. In  October 2019 the  Inquiry Chairman issued  his Phase 1 report [...]

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