Leaseholders Together Rally on Thursday 16 September in Parliament Square

I hope that in view of the resolution passed  to-day by the London Labour Party’s Regional Conference that there will be Labour Party Banners at the leasehold/fire safety rally on Thursday 16 September 2021 in Parliament Square. The Beckenham Labour Party Banner will be at the rally.

The rally is called by the End Our Cladding Scandal, the National Leasehold Campaign, and the charity the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership. Coaches have been organised from Manchester, Sheffield, and Liverpool.

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Resolution passed at Greater London Labour Party Regional Conference on 24 July 2021



Housing –Support Leaseholders/Londoners Victims of Tory Housing Policies



Conference notes: This London Labour Conference notes the Government’s continuing assault on Londoners’ rights to safe and genuinely affordable housing. It is now 4 years since the Government told Grenfell survivors that it would do ”whatever it takes” to sort things out. Conference further notes the Tories’ policy of expecting leaseholders to pay for the failure of property-developers to ensure that their properties are safe from combustible cladding and / or other fire-safety defects. Across London hundreds of thousands of vulnerable adults and families with children are living in expensive and insecure private rented housing which is often of poor quality. Housing costs, insecurity and inadequate housing affects the health and wellbeing of tenants who have few, if any, other housing options. For their children, poor housing can seriously impact their long-term life chances. The victims of Tory ideology and neglect should not have to suffer any longer.


This Conference Resolves:

1.To support the Mayor of London’s call for powers to set firm controls over the rents which private landlords seek to impose.

2.This conference resolves that removing restrictions on local authorities to allow them to build the massive expansion of affordable social housing communities need, should be the policy of the Labour party.

3.Calls on Labour’s Shadow Cabinet to campaign for an effective regulatory system which will protect leaseholders and stop developers profiting from dangerous and potentially lethal cladding and prevent them passing on the cost of safety to leaseholders.

4.To send regular briefings to CLP secretaries and Labour Groups to ask them to campaign and educate on this issue

.5. To make sure the party supports victims of the cladding scandal and Grenfell survivors, and that there is a Labour party presence at leaseholder demonstrations in the capital.

6.To raise the awareness of London party members on the need to replace the current leasehold system with a progressive commonhold tenure or other democratic models


Resolution proposed by Westminster North, Enfield, and Beckenham Constituency Labour Parties



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