The Conservative party , private tenants and responsible private landlords in Bromley

How the Conservatives are letting down private tenants and responsible private landlords  in Bromley   The Conservatives nationally and locally are failing the growing number of private tenants in Bromley. The 2011 census showed 16,229 households renting privately which represented 12.4% of all Bromley households. Crystal Palace [...]

Fire at 18-year-old Empty Property shows that Bromley Council is too soft on empty property owners

  Northdene, Beckenham Place Park BR3 5BS On 2 June 2021 there was a fire at the above property which is located in a road adjacent to the park. The road is in Bromley Borough. See A large section of the roof at this large property has been [...]

Voter Suppression in Tory Bromley

Voter Suppression Pilot in Bromley local Elections 2018 The Queens Speech on 11 May 2021 announced that the Government will be introducing a bill into Parliament to introduce a requirement on all voters to produce identification to vote in future elections.  Bromley Council carried out a Voter ID pilot exercise in the local elections [...]

Conservative housing policies in Bromley

Social cleansing of homeless families and Bromley Council The Conservative Party in Bromley owes an apology to local taxpayers, homeless families rehoused into Kent, applicants on its rehousing list and the Conservative MP for Medway. The political decision to sell off the housing stock owned by Bromley Council in 1992 to a housing [...]

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